Documentary / Trailer

︎ Shot on Digital SLR Sony A7Sii with
Zeiss Contax Primes

San Bernardino, California
Houston, Texas
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
17.8146° S, 63.1561° W

︎ In a world on fire, the last line of defense is a specialized aerial fire fighting fleet ready to protect because burning up is not an option.This is the extended trailer made for an upcoming documentary series following an aviation company operating the largest fleet in the world of helicopters and airplanes. With operations in Chile, Australia, Canada, Bolivia and the USA.
︎ Production Company - Coulson Ent.
︎ Executive Producer - Foster Coulson
︎ Director/Producer/DP - Andreas Psaltis  
︎ Editor - Gregory Czaplak
︎ Sound Designer - Mark Dolmont

Andreas Psaltis-World on fire case-Soldier in Bolivia

Andreas Psaltis-World on fire case-Prime Minister of Bolivia

︎ AndreasPsaltis