Branded Content

︎ Shot on Digital SLR Sony A7Sii with
Canon Primes and Zoom Lenses

Vancouver, BC, Canada
49.2827° N, 123.1207° W

︎ A modern-day audio warrior wears his armor and essential rode tools as he glamorously heads to a royal set. There, he is greeted by a gallant cinematographer and a determined gaffer as they join forces to commence their road to glory.
︎ Director/Writer/DP - Andreas Psaltis
︎ AD - Seigfred Perolino
︎ Production Designer - Flor FontelesGaffer ︎ Carlos GarciasKey
︎ Grip - Xavier Colamarco
︎ BTS Videographer - Ruggero Romano
︎ Sound Recordist/Designer - Nathan Rome
︎ Sound Mixer - Nick Wright
︎ Editor - Yangos Hadgiyannis
︎ Color Grading - Andreas Psaltis

Andreas Psaltis-Rode to glory case

︎ AndreasPsaltis