Sci-Fi Short Film 

︎Shot on the Sony A7S ii with
Anamorphic lens kit created by IronGlassAdapters

Vancouver, BC, Canada
49.2827° N, 123.1207° W

︎Year 2234. Earth is experiencing the second Great Dying period. One of the largest hi-tech-Cyborg religious orders in the Earth, the Inquisition has decided that human impact on the planet had to be punished and that we should embrace our extinction, with no trace of the “impure” humanity left. A group of rebels has been fighting the order and as the last stance before extinction have gathered all of the most important humanitarian accomplishment/knowledge/DNA code and uploaded it on the “ARC Seed” an advanced AI Guardian. Its goal is to transmit that information and genetic code throughout the solar system so that any other species that encounters it can learn and perhaps allow the beauty of humankind to be continued.
︎ Seig - Seigfred Perolino
︎ Guardian - Megan Pereira
︎ Cyborgs - Muhumuza Mushega & Gilles Nduwimana
︎ Directors - Andreas Psaltis & Matthew Broughton
︎ Cinematographer - Andreas Psaltis
︎ Assistand Director - Joakim Juti
︎ Production Designer - Diana Dultzin
︎ 1st AC/ Ronin Operator - Ruggero Romano
︎ Gaffer: Carlos Garcia
︎ Makeup Artist - Nataly Santos
 ︎ Editor - Juanan J. Arasa
︎ Visual Effects - Alexandre Boucher
︎ Color Grading/Sound Design - Andreas Psaltis
︎ Music - “Antwerp” from Filmstro

︎ Based on an original script by Andreas Psaltis, Matthew Broughton, Seigfred Perolino and Yangos Hadjiyannis.

Andreas Psaltis-Arc Case- Sci fi short film
Andreas Psaltis-Arc Case- Sci fi short film

︎ AndreasPsaltis