Andreas Psaltis


Andreas Psaltis is an international filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada, with a decade of experience in the industry. Originally from Cyprus, he has established a niche in cinematography, producing, and video editing.

He enjoys collaborating with a wide range of clients, including governmental institutions, marketing agencies, educational institutions, and companies in the VR/AR and aviation sectors.

His expertise lies in creating bespoke, high-quality content that resonates with stakeholders and provides a memorable experience for viewers.

Andreas is highly adaptable to the industry's evolving demands, constantly implementing new techniques to produce impactful content that connects with audiences.

His portfolio encompasses a diverse array of genres, from compelling documentaries to riveting horror and sci-fi shorts, many of which have received awards.

At the core of his work is a focused pursuit of excellence, from conceptualization to the final edit, with a commitment to constantly evolving his craft. Andreas is open to collaborations that bring visions to life and tell stories through frame, light, and sound.