Winning the SPOOFDANCE Festival

In September i came across a competition called Spoodance festival. The festival is about creating a commercial for a fake product that has been given to you. They provide you with the logos/graphics and a music theme of the product and you must create a 15 second commercial that has the 80's vibe. I only [...]

Room Tone Radio Show – Take 8 (Andreas Psaltis & Seigfred Perolino)

An amazing and a very a good friend of mine, Ruggero Romano is running a radio show called Room Tone. Its a radio show that covers all about filmmaking. Every week he invites different filmmakers to share their perspective and their knowledge to the community of filmmaking. My friend, Seigfred Perolino and I, we had [...]

Cyprus Horizons – Timelapse Film

Cyprus Horizons is a personal short made out of love of my home country, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It captures uncommon perspectives of Cyprus, the continuous motion of nature, the rising sunsets from select locations across the island in an effort to capture its hidden beauty. In the period of 5 months i travel [...]

The Fridge – My Rode Reel 2017

I am very excited to share with you our latest project "The Fridge" . The Fridge is a project that we did for the My Rode Reel 2017 competition. We were 4 weeks before the deadline and me and my friends (Matthew Broughton and Seigfred Perolino) decided to give it a chance and find an [...]

Welcome to Andreas Psaltis new website

Hello everybody and welcome to my new website. Firstly, let me say few words about myself, my name is Andreas Psaltis, and I am a freelance cinematographer/photographer. I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus, a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean. I have recently moved to Vancouver Canada, having taken a partial scholarship in Vancouver Film [...]

The city of dreams (Vancouver Timelapse)

I would love to share with you my latest time-lapse project I did for Vancouver. The whole video captures the picturesque scenery and the breathtaking beauty of the city, and the areas around it, that I came to discover. The entire film was shot during a one year period while I was studying. Starting in [...]

Vancouver film school scholarship project

In my eyes, this video is one of the most important, if not the most important, videos of my life as it proved to be a significant turning point in my journey. This video got me a partial scholarship at Vancouver film school, one of the best schools in Canada, giving me the opportunity to [...]